A new major team partnership confirms Sunweb's commitment to the future of cycling

Sunweb, one of the leading tour operators in Europe, announced that it has signed an agreement for a minimum of 3 years to become the major partner of the currently called Team Giant-Alpecin. As from the 1st of January 2017, the team will start competing with Sunweb as first name partner.

Sunweb has been a partner of Team Giant-Alpecin since 2015 and experienced this partnership as a great tool to strengthen the synergy between the cycling community, their holidays, and their expanding target group in Europe.

Becoming first partner of the pro cycling team will generate a wider exposure and a tremendous value for Sunweb’s brand awareness. However, according to Sunweb, the benefits of this partnership are not only linked with the team and its victories.  Sunweb sees its primary benefit in the opportunity to connect in a close and personal way with all cycling fans. The company’s main target will be to create meaningful content in a digital world and drive conversation with the "tech savvy" European fan base, who follow the sport of cycling very closely.

2000 Tage zur Spitze: a common growth strategy with big ambitions in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Sunweb will be more than a business partner, they will become part of a common dream.  A dream not only about a successful team and tomorrow’s victories, but also to transform the team into a life-time institute. The team will start a world-class development program from a hypermodern team base in Germany, to build the next generation of stars.  Today's promise at 2000 meter altitude is that in the year starting at exactly 2000 days from now, from the 1st of January 2022, the next generation of German and international stars will start creating memories in the UCI WorldTour.

Gert De Caluwe, CEO of Sunweb says: We see this partnership as a natural fit.  For 25 years is has been in our DNA to take care of millions of travelers. Our aim is to fulfill this caretaker role also for this team and the whole cycling community.”  

He continues: "We will be able to connect with a new audience of passionate cycling fans, especially in our growth countries.  We will use the power of this team to roll out Sunweb's strategy for future growth across Europe with a special focus on Germany, the country with the biggest outbound travel market in Europe. As from now, we will  set "the wheels in motion" to secure a bright future for Sunweb as well as for the team."

Iwan Spekenbrink, CEO of the team says: “We’re extremely proud to join forces with Sunweb, which we believe is one of the best partnerships in cycling. We share a common dream and big ambitions. Sunweb supports us 100% and does not only look at today’s victories and the day to day support. As a real partner they are also willing to invest in the future, to move forward the sport of cycling together with us, to support our vision, our road to the top, our 2000 Tage zur Spitze..."

Speaking for the whole team, Spekenbrink adds: "The athletes and the staff are very excited because Sunweb shares their “Keep Challenging” approach. This “elite sports approach” is built on cooperation and innovation as the key growth drivers within a framework of non-negotiable values.  And last but not least, our people are convinced about Sunweb’s true commitment to their future and the future of the next generation of German and international talents and staff."

Sponsor of memories, not only victories

The richness of life is all about moments and creating memories.  Sunweb believes that the best lifetime memories are often created "wearing flip flops”. Therefore, Sunweb’s main focus is to create great memories for their holiday makers by providing the best possible holiday experience.  This links perfectly with the team, as the common challenge in this partnership will be to create great memories for the athletes, their fans, and everyone involved.

Sunweb’s CCO Tim Van den Bergh says: “Sunweb has a lot in common with this team. We both aim for the best performance, we work in an international team and believe in the power of innovation to reach new frontiers.” He adds: “Cycling is one of the most popular leisure activities that goes hand in hand with traveling. On top of that, it also relies on technology to make it personal and to create a unique experience. Take the example of the app Strava: in which sport can one compete 1 on 1 with a real pro or with his own idol?" 

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Gert de Caluwe CEO - Chief Executive Officer, Sundio Group International
Tim Van den Bergh CCO - Chief Commercial Officer, Sundio Group International
Iwan Spekenbrink CEO, Team Sunweb
Gert de Caluwe CEO - Chief Executive Officer, Sundio Group International
Tim Van den Bergh CCO - Chief Commercial Officer, Sundio Group International
Iwan Spekenbrink CEO, Team Sunweb
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