Preview: Nouvelle tendance de voyage : les vacances en Framily !

Nouvelle tendance de voyage : les vacances en Framily !

Les groupes de voyage deviennent de plus en plus complexes

Gert de Caluwe CEO - Chief Executive Officer, Sunweb Group
Tim Van den Bergh CCO - Chief Commercial Officer, Sunweb Group
Frank Theunis Director Finance
Bas Geenen Director Digital Innovation, Sunweb Group
Bart Schaerlaekens Director Primavera/GOGO, Sunweb Group
Reinoud Koot Director Sun, Sunweb Group
Christian Tiefengraber Director Ski, Sunweb Group
Harm Groot Director Traffic, Sunweb Group
Marlise Mahieu Director HR, Sunweb Group
A propos de Sunweb Group

Sundio is one of the leading travel groups in Europe. It is the driving force behind numerous brands operating within seven international markets: The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

It has a pan-European identity with its tour operator activities based in Zurich, headquarters and back-office in Rotterdam, software and web development in Girona and various sales offices around Europe. The combination of a centralized organization, unique self-contracted “content” and strong online business model has resulted in over one million happy clients for Sundio each year.

Sundio Group International GmbH employs approximately 400 individuals and sends more than 350 reps on to various holiday destinations. The fundamental goal of the group is to deliver the best possible holiday experience across all sun, self-drive and winter sport holiday packages; ultimately creating lifetime memories.

Sunweb Group
Schützengasse 4
CH-8001 Zürich