Price guarantee for holidaymakers with corona vouchers or refund credit notes

Price guarantee for holidaymakers with corona vouchers or refund credit notes

Sunweb Group first to freeze rates for affected travellers

Holidaymakers travelling with Sunweb Group do not need to worry. The tour operator is freezing their prices of its holidays cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Sunweb Group promises affected holidaymakers will be able to rebook the exact same holiday for the same price using their voucher or refund credit note (UK) at a later date. By maintaining their prices for travellers with this voucher or refund credit note, the tour operator is giving its customers security and peace of mind.

Today, Sunweb Group announces that it will be freezing its rates for booked holidays, guaranteeing affected travellers that the prices for identical travel plans within a booking period of 1 year will remain unchanged. At Sunweb Group, both holidaymakers who have already had to cancel their trip due to the Covid-19 outbreak and travellers who are regretfully still having their holidays cancelled by Sunweb Group at a later date will be issued a voucher or a refund credit note for the exact amount they have spent on their holiday already. In doing so, the tour operator wants to reassure anxious travellers who had already cancelled their travel plans that they will still be able to enjoy their dream holiday at a later date.

Voucher or Refund Credit Note (UK) guarantees same price:

Sunweb Group is indeed offering their customers the opportunity to enjoy their cancelled holiday at a later date. The online tour operator is committed to offering all of its customers the exact same holiday at the exact same price. In other words, any early booking discounts will still be applicable. Moreover, should hotels or flights prove more expensive later on, Sunweb Group guarantees the prices it initially agreed upon with its travellers will remain unchanged.

Another destination after all?

Obviously, customers can still choose to book whatever holiday they may dream of. They get the flexibility to book within one year, using their corona voucher or refund credit note. This gives customers the opportunity to opt for a different destination or hotel with an identical or cheaper price. If they book the exact same holiday, Sunweb Group’s price guarantee ensures that the original price still applies. 

“We see that our customers are very disappointed right now about not being able to go on their well-deserved holiday to Egypt or that they have to miss out on that wonderful all-inclusive fortnight in Greece,” says Mattijs ten Brink, CEO at Sunweb Group. “We want to offer them the chance to still realize their dream holiday as soon as we are all allowed to travel again. Our holidaymakers can sleep easy and have peace of mind knowing that Sunweb Group guarantees they will still be able to enjoy their holiday at a later date without having to pay extra.”
Tim Van den Bergh
Tim Van den Bergh Director Eliza was here & Specialies, Sunweb Group


About Sunweb Group

Sunweb Group is one of the largest travel operators in Europe with a turnover in excess of €700 million. The company is the driving force behind several brands operating in seven international markets: The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany and France. Sunweb is the best-known brand of the group. Sunweb is a leading online operator of package holidays to sun and winter sports destinations.

Sunweb Group employs around 400 people and sends more than 250 tour guides and area managers to various holiday destinations to support its customers. Sunweb Group has a pan-European identity with tour operator operations in Zurich (head office), Rotterdam (back-office), Girona (software and web development) and several offices in Europe. The combination of a centralised organisation, unique self-contracted content and a strong online business model has resulted in more than one million satisfied customers for Sunweb Group each year. Sunweb Group was acquired by Triton Fund V in February 2019.


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